Curse of Strahd: Talia

The Road to Rictavio's

Or How I Learned To Stop Fearing Magical Lightning and Dance

After their meeting with Sasha, our four intrepid adventurer’s set off to Wizard of the Wines Vineyard to find a safe haven for Ireena, Ismark, and two children who have proven no significance yet.

On the road they encountered a hoard of spooky zombies, which spooked Sasha as she fled the scene. After Ajani cleared half of them with his godly powers, Bowlek showed off powers unbeknownst to his compatriots, as he opened a gate to hell with the Hunger of Hadar, clearing the remaining zombies. Was spookier than the zombies.

After they dealt with the zombies, they continued down the road and encountered a ghost which, against his most valiant efforts, was able to possess Woodrow and cause him to go….rogue. After the group was able to restrain him and take a short rest, Ajani was able to expel the ghost from Woodrow and cause it to flee. Also Bowlek totally picked up Woodrow’s rapier that he dropped when he was possesed. Definitely. Cuz he’s a bro. This is canon.

While the ghost was on the run, Bowlek received a message from Rictavio from the beyond. He was told that the tower was just around the corner. Bowlek, using quick wit, and with a little help from the fact that the ghost that wasted their time was still an imminent threat, convinced the group to go up the path to Rictavio’s tower.

As they traveled up the road they came across a tower, and being the intelligent group they are, they deduced it was Rictavio’s. As they approached the tower they noticed a peculiar sign on the door atop a knocker. Ignoring the sign and going straight to manners, Ajani knocked on the door as Mumnugget attempted to kick it down. The band of adventurer’s were swiftly greeted by a barrage of lightning and pain.

While they recovered and waited for the lightning to pass, Mumnugget decided to jump into the purple wagon outside, which she soon learned was a risky decision because the wagon was booby trapped with the most alchemist’s fire. After finding loot and reading a letter about Rictavio’s past, she worked her way out of the wagon and instructed Woodrow to go disarm the trap, allowing them to unload the wagon in the future if they wish.

After the storm had passed, Bowlek used his ring to ask Rictavio how to enter the tower and learned to dance. After completing the dance, the doors opened, the gang funneled in and Mumnugget and Woodrow ascended into the decrepit tower. At the top they explored and Woodrow found a Vistani head in a chest. Also there was a singular suit of armor that is probably definitely not haunted. Perfect conditions for a long rest.



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