Curse of Strahd: Talia

The Defeat of the Devil Strahd

by MumNugget Limpnottin Bumblepuck Aara Kokra Chomsky

We last left our “heroes” basking in the glory of yet another victory, having once again bested the so-called “Devil,” Strahd von Zarfovichislichiaislja.

Having been rudely awakened in the night by a redeemably ravishing rider, The Four Brawnswords (though they know not yet that that is their moniker) raced out of the Tower Kurdistan to find the woman passed out on the step of the Explodey Wagon. As they dragged MumNugget’s next conquest inside, a foreboding and familiar fog encroached along the bridge to the island, from which foreboding and familiar growling shapes began to emerge.

Barely stayed by the hand of their master (who else, but Strahd!!), the dire-fog-wolves gnashed and drooled at the prospect of making an appetizer and three entrees out of our intrepid adventurers. Strahd, then, began to talk; something about this woman being a beautiful criminal who daringly infiltrated his castle and stole something or other or tried to kill him. Vampire stuff.

Realizing the fruitlessness of his efforts, the Devil Strahd unleashed his hounds on the party, now joined by His Royal Uselessness, Izmarck of Barovia. In the midst of battle, the good (looking) vampire Sasha (who was present this whole time but whom I previously forgot to mention), sensed and beholden to her master, turned on Izmarck and began to feed, ultimately felling the hapless Burgermaster. None were seriously concerned. She was hungry, after all.

The battle drew to its inevitable conclusion, with Strahd slinking away with his reluctant wife in tow, having taken a harsh tongue-lashing from MumNugget if not much else. Esmerelda – the mesmerizing, mysterious rider – revealed herself to be not only the owner of the Explodey Wagon (from which the Brawnswords had liberated a few useful items), but the partner/apprentice/surrogate Vistani daughter of Ricktavio, and a capable vampire slayer. A lone wolf herself, Esmerelda informed the party of her intention to venture to the Something Something Temple, southward in the mountains and suspected to be the source of Strahd’s power in the land.

Gathering their belongings, our heroes prepared to head to the Wizard of the Wines (Vines?) winery, where Ireena and the children would be safe. Ish.

Oh, and they resurrected Ismarck.



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