Curse of Strahd: Talia

On the Festival, and fleeing Vallaki

Some prefer death

Waking on their return to the Blue Water Inn, the party was greeted with an invitation to break fast with the Burgomaster of Vallakovich, Baron Vargas Vallakovich.

After waiting a long time for the Burgomaster, impatience set in, and the group set off exploring his house. The family of great wealth has many secrets, which the party uncovered when they found a man, chained, beaten and bloody, locked in a closet in the house. Izek, the Burgomaster’s henchman, has hundreds of dolls in his bedroom, all in the likeness of Ireena. And of course, what political family wouldn’t be complete without a shunned child, Victor, working on magic in the attic full of skeletal cats and dolls of children.

The party chose to leave and attend the festival. Under threatening skies, the parade went forward. When it came time for the Baron to light the wicker sun, his torch went out. A guard laughed and suffered the wrath of a prideful man.

Then shit hit the fan. A tiger escaped from Rictavio’s carnival wagon, and chaos ensued. Izek and his guards got in a fight with Rictavio, but Izek was quickly slain by the adventurers.

Rictavio grabbed his wagon, and fled Vallaki accompanied by the party. It was too much though, and Rictavio succumbed to the wounds he received during the fight with Izek.

With Rictavio dead and refusing to return, the group went for their meeting with Sasha. Agreeing to work with her, the party, now accompanied again by Ismark, Ireena, Sasha, and the children, set off to continue their adventure.



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