Curse of Strahd: Talia

Argynvosthold The Phone!

Two Gay Boyz in a Castle, Mac

Our intrepid heroes journeyed towards Argynvostholt, and after shrugging off some twig blights, they came upon the castle. The dragon statue at the entrance sent a chill down their spines, but they bravely entered and explored Argynvostholt. Avoiding a metric fuckton of oversized arachnids, they came across a wounded dusk elf named Savid. Ajani, ever the altruist, healed him, and learned he was looking for Arabelle, the daughter of the Vistani leader Kasimir. Savid peaced, and our heroes continued through the castle.

Along the way, they killed three revenant, and found a magical severed head of Bowlek. While on the second floor, however, Ajani and Mumnugget cruelly separated from the other two for no telegraphed reason. Bowlek and Woodrow found themselves trapped in a narrow hallway, and ambushed by ghostly creatures coming from the walls. With Bowlek’s magic and Woodrow’s rope, the two turned invisible and escaped out a window. They eventually looped back through the castle, searching for their heartless compatriots. At a point, a deep voice rang throughout the castle, saying something of importance, probably.

Meanwhile, the callous Ajani and Mumnugget came across a room full of more revenant, led by Godfried. He relayed to the heroes how Agynvostholt fell, and how it drove their leader, Vladimir, over the edge of sanity. They fuckin. While Ajani insisted that they planned to simply talk Vladimir down, Godfried seemed pessimistic in their chances. Still invisible, Woodrow tried to explore the room past this meeting room, while Bowlek pulled off an ill-timed gag and threw his severed head on the table. With a stick so far up his ass it rubbed his cerebellum, Godfried angrily demanded the heroes to leave.

Across the hall, the heroes encountered Vladimir, who swore to keep Strahd alive and suffering in the hell of his own creation. Not much for conversation, Vladimir quickly drew and engaged in combat. The heroes deftly took him and his minions down without much of a hassle, Ajani’s brief collapse notwithstanding. They recovered a magical greatsword, a magical ring intended for his (former?) lover, and a diary, explaining Strahd’s fall to vampirism. Hey, he made a choice.

After LEVELING UP from this encounter (aer aer aeeeeeer), the heroes decided to return to the Wizards of the Coast official Winery, to recuperate and decide their next course of action. On stepping out from the castle, however, a dark carriage with a note in it stood ominously outside the castle. The note indicated that the carriage was indeed from Strahd, wanting very strongly to see them. A horde of zombies flanked the castle entrance, but Ajani’s holy magic quickly made dust of them.

They safely made their way to the winery, despite the ghostly carriage following them. Destroying the wheels to the carriage may have had a hand in that.In talking with Davian, they learned of the existence of an old wine guild, many many years ago. The guild’s leader was buddy-buddy with Strahd, however, and the group came to the conclusion that his tomb would likely be in Castle Ravenloft. Ajani prayed to his deity, and after deciphering an impressively poetic response, decided that they shouldn’t hesitate long before meeting up with Strahd. After reviewing the map, discussing the places they had not visited, the group came to the uneasy conclusion that they may as well meet with the devil, and voluntarily entered his carriage. The carriage slowly took them to the gates of Ravenloft.

What happens next? Tune in next time to find out!



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